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What is Garitalks?

GariTalks is a platform dedicated to curating conversations and teaching tools for unpacking, processing, and healing individual and collective emotional trauma. We offer online and in-person community spaces. All spaces are created and guided by Gari.

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Space Values

Space Values

Norms and space values give us an expected idea of how to behave, and function to provide a source of common grounding when sharing space.

When you attend a GariTalks conversation, be ready to practice your ABCs:

Appreciate discomfort

Learning happens in the space of newness, awkwardness, uncomfortableness. 

Be Raggedy

We leave perfection at the door. We show up just as we are.

Curiosity, Courage, Conflict - Engage!

Curiosity disrupts fear
Courage means from the heart
Conflict can be a space for learning

Founding Beliefs

founding beliefs

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What are my emotions trying to tell me?

Emotions are Messengers

What choices are available to me?

Power is Cultivated

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Am I holding space for all of me? 

Becoming Whole > Being Happy

How can I learn from contradiction?

Contrast Creates Clarity

the Gall to Always be growing, always glowing Radical means ‘at the root’ Inquiry (9).png

Driving questions

Driving questions are the questions that keep you up at night.
They describe the force that compels you to keep going in life, the curiosity that exists within your hopes and desires.

GariTalks seeks answers to the questions:

What does it look like to create a world where trust is a common resource? How can we be better strangers?

How can we draw power from our generational wounds

to strengthen our gifts?

What lies beyond healing?

What questions keep you up at night?

Driving Questions
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